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Insulation with Added Benefits

Siphonic Solutions have been assisting clients on  sites from schools to offices throughout the UK with insulation to siphonic pipework. And because we only use the best products our clients and the end user benefit from;

  • saving on energy by reducing heat loss
  • reducing noise levels 

What makes these green credentials even better is our insulation is made from 80% recycled glass and achieves BRE Global Green Guide rating of A.

Growing a Green Legacy

Thanks to Green Achiever (from whom we have received the Self-Assessed award in the past) - who have gifted us the sponsorship of a Native British Tree! Now a year-old sapling,  we are pleased we can contribute to the Green Achiever woodland (Hectors Wood)  in Shropshire and look forward to watching it grow and helping out the environment.

What's incredible is that in around 10 years, Hectors Wood will offset 21.8kg of carbon per year, per tree! 

Our friends at Green Achiever inform us that the carbon absorbed by a fully grown oak tree is equal to the energy required to make 205 cups of tea!

Why not sponsor too? http://www.e4environment.co.uk/sponsor-a-tree/


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